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Web Services for RouteMAP IMS

This Web Services library plug-in builds upon the geospatial functions already offered by ESRI's RouteMAP IMS™ - such as geocoding, routing, and map presentation - and extends them to developers for integration with custom applications.  

Demographic API for Google™ Maps

AnayGIS, in partnership with SRC, has developed a proof-of-concept application that combines the features of SRC's Allocate demographics engine and Google Maps. To play with the application, 

click here

For more information, contact AnalyGIS at info@analygis.com or call us toll free at 1-877-MAP-DATA. 

MapInfo Professional Survival Guide

This book is full of screenshots and step-by-step instructions to help you make the most of your new software.  Ideal for beginners and intermediate users.
Demographic Analyzer

Demographic Analyzer is the perfect solution for anyone in need of professional, comprehensive demographic reports and maps. Demographic Analyzer is an online service that includes thousands of demographic variables, a variety of preformatted report templates and more. Additional specialty data such as aerial imagery, shopping centers, and carrier route boundaries to name a few, is also available and can be accessed anywhere, anytime via an Internet connection.

Welcome to AnalyGIS!

We are a nationally recognized mapping services and data company specializing in mapping technology designed to help clients see and analyze location-based information.  The chief focus of AnalyGIS is to provide a "best-blend" of products and services to assist our clients in making better decisions in marketing, service delivery, logistics, customer service and infrastructure management.


What's New

Great Circle Routes Utility
AnalyGIS has added a new MapBasic utility that allows for the creation of great circle routes.  These routes represent the shortest possible distance between two locations on a spherical surface, allowing for more accurate distance calculations for things such as flight paths or shipping routes.

Download the Great Circle Routes Utility

NEW RELEASE! RoadRunnerTL 2006 Second    Edition Street Data

The SIXTH release of our popular national street dataset is now available and features comprehensive updates in 271 additional counties.  To date, a total of 1,870 counties nationwide have been updated.

Terrapin 2006 Earth Sciences Data

Terrapin 2006 is a new national dataset by AnalyGIS providing 38 layers of earth sciences information ideal for analyzing and studying the natural environment.  Layers such as time zones, hurricane tracks, federally owned lands, ecoregions, faults, climate data, aquifers, and geologic units to name a few, can be used for risk assessment, site selection, resource management, and more.

XMS Geocoding Library

We are now offering version 2.021 of our XMS Geocoding Library for the .NET framework.  Designed as a companion to the RoadRunnerTL 2006 street dataset, the XMS Geocoding Library allows developers of desktop and internet application the ability to quickly and easily integrate geocoding functionality at a reasonable price.

WebTracks 24/7

WebTracks 24/7, our new phone-based asset tracking application, utilizes Nextel® GPS-enabled phones and the Internet to monitor asset locations.

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