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   AnalyGIS - Demographic API for Google Maps™

Demographic API for Google Maps

AnalyGIS has teamed up with SRC to develop a proof-of-concept application combining the Google Maps API with SRC's robust Allocate™ demographic engine. With this API, a single mouse click on a Google Map will return two different Census 2000 Demographic reports for 1, 3, and 5 miles around any location and simultaneously add radius rings to the map. Because both Google Maps and Census 2000 demographic information are free, this powerful, yet incredibly simple application can bring a whole new level of instant location-based analysis to individuals and organizations across the United States. Retailers can quickly perform site-selection analysis, government agencies can study neighborhoods to determine appropriate levels of service, non-profits can study a population base to determine where they should operate, and much more.

The Potential
Because many users may need more up-to-date and detailed demographic information than is currently provided with Census 2000 variables, they may choose to purchase 3rd party demographic data for use within the application. SRC's Allocate engine is data-independent, meaning any major source of demographic variables, such as Claritas, AGS, ESRI Bis, PopStats, or MapInfo may be loaded and viewed in conjunction with Google Maps. The Allocate engine is incredibly fast and can return demographic reports almost instantaneously with just a single mouse-click.

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The clean look of a Google Map... ...plus detailed demographic reports from Allocate™!

View satellite imagery... ...or see it all - satellite imagery, plus streets, plus demographic reports!

What People Are Saying...
The following blog entry comes from Google Maps Mania and was posted Friday, September 09, 2005: 

Google Maps + US Demographic Information = Useful Mashup

"Here is a great Google Maps tool for plotting demographic information in areas of the U.S. on a Google Map. This tool allows you to click on an area of a U.S. Google Map and automatically display a detailed collection of census information for that zone in a 1, 3 and 5 mile radius of the position you centered on. 

This tool makes use of 2000 U.S. Census data so the information might be a bit out of date, but the tool gives you a rough indication of the current situation in a given area. This Google Maps tool could be used by all levels of government to navigate census data that can be fine-tuned to a specific geo-location instead of trying to sift through tables and confusing text presentation. Another possible use is to center your local business or potential business location to gather information for a business plan or marketing campaign that you might be working on. The uses are endless!

This tool gives us a glimpse into how all location-based information (not just demographic data) could be displayed in Google Maps fashion in the future.. I personally think this mashup is very big and has huge potential for how this and other mashups can display information."

- posted by Morpeth @ 1:00 PM

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